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      Israel Tipa

        This is part of a letter you have received from your English-speaking penfriend


        I’ve got a difficult decision to make. As you know, I’ve always done a lot of sport and found time to go to music classes too. Well, I just don’t have time to do both any more, so I’ve got to decide which one to give up. What do you think?


        Write a letter to your penfriend, giving your opinion and explaining your reasons. Do not write any postal addresses.

        Dear, penfried.

        I hope you and your family are doing great. It has been a bunch of time since you last sent me a letter. But it doesn’t matter because I am on cloud nine.

        I found your question kind of tough because I know you live for both sports and music. They’re activities that don’t only keep you busy but they also help you develop different sorts of skills. But, if I were you, I wouldn’t think twice and I’d take up playing music instead of doing sports.

        So how come I picked out music rather than sports; I’ve always thought that learning music is something that makes your imagination riot. What’s more, you can have a laugh while making up your own musical pieces. Besides this, you can show off your musical knowledge to your folks and make them look up to you, not to mention the girls who always seems to fall in love with musicians.

        That’s all I have to tell you in regard to your question. However, I consider you should think of it carefully and not to rush your decision.

        Looking forward to hearing from you,


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        Patricia Moura

          Hello, nice writing. I would change some sentences though:


          It has been a bunch of time since you last sent me a letter.

          I’d say “It’s been a while since…”.

          “A bunch” is usually used with countable nouns. And “a while” is a nice expression to be added here.

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          irina ciufu

            Dear penfried,

            It is so nice to hear some news from you after such a long time. I’ve got your letter and i am looking forward to help you. I know that you have always liked your music classes and doing sport and it is such a shame that you have to give up on one of them considering that you no longer have time for both.

            If I were in your place, i would have chosen the music classes. In this way, you can become a music teacher sometime in the future and you will always know that you have a guaranteed job in case something goes bad at the other job.

            Regarding continuing doing sport, you can always do that in your free time as a hobby . you Don’ have to see sport as necessity but an escape from the real world ,letting the stress away

            I hope my advice helped you and you will consider my answear. Let me know when you decide what to give up.

            Looking forward to hearing from you,


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