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        n your English class you have been talking about leaders. Now your English teacher has asked you to write an essay.


        Write an essay using all the notes and giving reasons for your point of view.


        In many countries, almost anyone can hold public office. What are the things that people should consider when they are choosing their leaders?




        Write about:


        1. education
        2. experience
        3. ……………………………………… (your own idea)


        Over many years, individuals have always struggled when it comes to choosing a leader for their communities. Having a representative is always a hard decision due to the fact a great deal of essential aspects should be taken into account when a leader is chosen.

        Firstly, one way to know whether a candidate is prepared or not to take a huge responsibility is to look through their education. Therefore, this will allow people to have knowledge if the candidates’ skills and qualifications are ideal enough to be selected.

        Secondly, a public office requires a leader who has experience in the work which is done in a community. Cosequently, citizens could be benefited by plans and strategies come up by public employees without any sort of improvisation.

        Last but no least, it is quite important that the leader’s proposals be analyzed and reflected deeply by people prior to making a decision. Although this might take time to grasp them, it prevents people from regretting their decision afterwards.

        I am of the opinion that, everyone should worry more about this situation, for it is up to all us not to let someone who does not have what it is needed to run a public office be chosen.

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          Very good Israel, great work.

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          Israel Tipa

            thank you so much! Jonny! 🙂

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