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      Flu flu

        In our current society, the role of school has never been this important to ensure a comfortable future. However, the school system is essentially built on preparing students for an exam which can be very stressful for some of them. For this reason, the school system is more and more criticized.


        Firstly, in today’s educational system, people are developing the same skills and the same opinions. Adding more activities which are demanding creativity can lead students to create something unique : it can be music, drawings, mechanics.


        Secondly, schools focus themselves essentially on theory but not on practice. When they move to another city for university, a lot of students don’t know any real life skills they need to live independently such as sewing or cooking. Some of those should be learned in order to prepare their students for their independent life.


        Last but not least, school should be a place where students are developing competences in activities they like through clubs like in Japan or the USA.


        In conclusion, schools should give more opportunities to students to express their creativity, to learn real life skills and practice what they like the most.

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