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      Diana Diaz

        Nowadays, most people share the view that computers and internet have a big impact on peoples´lives. As a result, it is almost impossible to find someone who does not use this amazing tools. However, the use of public libraries could be at the line of disappear, because of these technology.

        Currently, a huge amount of books are downloaded on the internet for free. Therefore, pdf books and audio books have increased in the last few years as a way of enjoying reading just with the use of a computer or cellphone.

        On the other hand, some people find it difficult to read on a scream, as it could cause damage to readers´ sight.  Moreover , closing public labrieries will lead in a fight between the ones who prefer reading books in physical, and the ones who does not.
        Last but not least, there are a huge amount of information on the internet. Nevertheless, some books cannot be found or they cost a lot.

        In conclusion, public libraries should not close definitely, since many people prefer going to this amazing places, which are available for all ages.

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          Good Diana. Some corrections:

          THESE amazing tools
          line of disappear ???
          these technologies
          lead to a fight
          there IS a huge amount of information
          these amazing places

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            Hence, as computer and internet have become part of our lives, it is important to note other forms of information such as public libraries. Because of developmental evolution, such products like the moodle fed uni digital books and various audio books have made reading easy. But there are other advantages that can only be partially provided by technologies in libraries. For some the offer libraries where they study in silence, collection of physical copies in some hard to find books and probably some social services. The combination of the traditional resources with technology thus helps in maintaining the significance of libraries within our educational as well as cultural day to day lives.

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