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        Nowadays it is well known that heath is a strong point in our life. Do people think about have a healthy life? Having a good eating habit would be it benefit in your general life? it is undeniable that many people care a lot their healthy however others live without thinking about it.

        fistly, just now a huge number of persons try to keep fit. In order to it, they do exercise outdoor running cycling or indoor in the gym or practicing any sports like football, basketball. The final result to be active and to stay fit.

        On the other hand, apart of do exercise people try to take a varied diet. Everyone tries to have a balance diet eating proteins, carbohydrates, fats, eating so fruits, vegetarians, fibers, and avoiding fast food, sugar, etc definitely people look for have a color food.
        If everybody had a healthy eating and every day did exercise we would felt better with ourselves being even more happy and pleasant. Surely, it will affect positively in our relationship
        and in our job getting to be more efficient.

        All things considered, it can be concluded that having a varied diet and doing exercise may produce a huge benefit in our lives and in the society. If we had a good health we would visit less doctors and hospitals and our country will spend less money on heath. What more, people might live more long time. fantastic benefits.

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          Not bad Oscar, but lots of incorrect grammar. I suggest using Grammarly (free) to check your mistakes.

          Vocabulary, content and organisation are good.

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          arroyo nieto

            thanks very much



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