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      Welcome to English Swami!

      Please introduce yourself below. Leave a reply saying:

      • where you are from
      • how you are studying English (alone, in a school, private teacher etc)
      • when you would like to take the B2 First exam
      • what you find most difficult about the exam or learning English
      • anything else!
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      Anonymous @

      Hi everybody!

      I´m Raquel and I´m studying English because I want to do First exam cirtificate exam, maybe on 10th of July.

      I´m studying English with books and exams… not with a private teacher. So, this web is very interesting for me.

      At the moment I think that listening is the worst for me… I´m getting better.

      The reason for study English now is for my work I need more English level.

      Thank you! Bye!


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      Miriam Pérez


      I´m Miriam and I from Spain. I would like get B2 because I´m a teacher and I want to improve my English to contribute the education of my children.

      I would like to get B2 as soon as I can, because I know that I don´t have the level.

      I think that the most of dificulty is the vocabulary and then the grammar.

      Thank you!!!

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