✍️ Writing Practice Report – Problems in Bivio di Ravi

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      Lucia Cortigiani

      The aim of this report is to provide an overview of some problems existing in Bivio di Ravi’s hamlet.

      The main problem is that there are no supermarkets. There is only a little bar, so people have to drive at least 15 km to go shopping. Furthermore, the hamlet is badly connected with the towns nearby. Several buses pass during the day, but they are too few. Finally, the rubbish collection system is not efficient. There are some dumpsters for recycling in some areas of the hamlet, but they are too small and people often put their rubbish outside of them

      My suggestions are the following:

      • Building a supermarket, so that people can buy what they need relatively near their home
      • Increase the number of buses passing during the day and so improve the connections with the towns nearby
      • Organising a door to door collection system of rubbish to avoid that garbage is put outside the dumpsters.

      In the light of my recommendations, I believe that these are the methods to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of Ravi.


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      5 ⭐ – great job. This would definitely pass the Writing part of B2 First.

      … to avoid that garbage is garbage having to be put outside the dumpsters.

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