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      debora paton

        Write an essay for the following question: do you think countries should have space programmes? why or why not?

        Some powerful countries such as the United States and Russia hold space programmes that make possible the study of space and extra-terrestrial life. Nowadays we can say that there are different arguments for and against space programmes.

        First of all, space exploration requires an incredible amount of money that should be better spent on Earth. Facilities like schools, hospitals, and roads could have been built for that amount of inversion in developing countries.

        Secondly, regarding some arguments for, it is true that we have insufficient natural resources here on Earth, and we know that other planets have minerals like iron, magnesium and even gold. Through these kinds of programmes, we could reach potential elements whose value is immeasurable.

        Considering all these arguments, space programmes help our planet to obtain natural resources at the same time they create jobs in science and technology, although investing in researching environmentally friendly resources on Earth could be more energy-efficient in that the use of energy becomes more sustainable.

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          Very good Debora, and very interesting.

          Good range of structures and vocab, good tone for an essay and easy to read.

          Some points:

          …that make the study of space possible…

          inversion investment

          Repetition of “arguments”. Try: reasons / points of view.

          Consider breaking up the last para into smaller sentences


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