Essay | Social Media

Write 140 – 190 words in an appropriate style.

In your English class you have been talking about social media. Now, your English teacher has asked you to write an essay.

Write an essay using all the notes and giving reasons for your point of view.

Some people say that we spend too much time on social media. What do you think?


Write about:

  1. why social media is so popular
  2. alternative ways to keep in contact
  3. ………………………… (your own idea)


Write your essay in the comments.

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  1. Christian Andrés Rea

    Given that this is a globalized era, people have tried to take advantage of technology. However, the excessive use by people is uptight. Thus, here are some points regarding social media effects.

    Social media has got a great impact on people´s lives. However, it is relevant to consider the pros and cons that this variable provides. On the one hand, it has became so popular among people and there are many reason why it happened, for instance, it helps them, not only be in touch, but also have access to more information, be well-informed and even create work resources. On the other hand, instead of spending lots of time on social media, it is of paramount importance to think that people also need to discover different ways to interact with others, for example, hang out with friends, go and visite them if possible, have a vis-a-vis chat and so forth. Personally speaking, I think of social media as an aid that people should not only abuse of but also learn how to use not to forget the reality and their responsabilities.

    To sum up, social media has changed our society and it is our job not to let it manipulate us.

    1. Jonny Post author

      Hi @christianrea,

      Good start. The main issue is the lack of paragraphs. Also, some of your more advanced language is not used correctly (uptight, variable, a vis-a-vis chat).

      Keep going!

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