B2 Writing 01 | Part 2 Article

Your school newspaper recently started up an English-language column which features articles by students.

ARTICLES WANTED: Why I decided to volunteer

Have you ever participated in a service project? What was the experience like? Describe the activities you did, what you learned, and what motivated you to take part.

The best articles will be published in our next edition.


Write your article in the comments ? (or send to me privately by message if you prefer).


  1. liana de leo

    When I was a student a lot of campaigns in favour of recycle were being promoted. I decided to take part in an activity organized by a group of volunteers that collected all the old plastic bags inside a supermarket and, on the other side, provided each client with a new recyclable bag that could be used again and again. This new bug was free with a receipt of almost 20 euro spent in the supermarket, otherwise it was possible to buy the new shopping bug for the cost of 3 euro. I found this activity very rewarding for myself, first of all because I knew a lot of interesting people who, like me, decided to volunteer. I have seen also that if you want promote an idea it is necessary to believe in it, so that people would react in a positive way. After this experience I took part in other activities similar to this, because after having done something that could be useful for the community, I feel myself better.

  2. arroyo nieto

    To be volunteer

    Nowadays, in this capitalist world where we live, Would be our life better if each others’ help instead of going to market to buy all we need? How would you feel if help someone?

    I would like to tell you my personal experience about it. Several years ago i stayed several months in Senegal, I was working there and i didn’t know anybody. one day in the spanish’s embassy someone spoke to me about the Cervantes Institute. This center had an activity where University African students and Spanish people shared some hours a week speaking Spanish. I thought it would being a fantastic experience, so i started to teach Spanish to students. At first i met one day a week but in little time it attracted me so much that i attended every day in the afternoon. apart from speaking Spanish I took up to teach to write. It was a wonderful time there where i knew many people. I am in touch with them yet. At this moment in Spain i go on collaborating with a group of Spanish people who teach Spanish to African people who arrive in Spain just now. I don’ t have words to describe the excellent emotion produce me when i see how people can improve their communication in little time.

    I believe that Being volunteer in every area is some very special in our life because when you help someone, that aim is really important so that person, however it doesn’t suppose much for you.
    If I were you I would try to be a volunteer there where you are.

  3. Diana Diaz

    “An unforgettable social service”

    Are you one of those people who like to help others? I´m sure that everyone would agree that for making a change in this world, social service is a great idea to overcome some of the biggest problems that out hearth planet face nowadays.

    You might think that it could be a difficult task to perform, but by my own experience doing volunteer work for almost ten years, I can say that it has been one of the most unforgettable and rewarding experience that I have ever had. During all this period, I’ve done different kind of activities like helping communities against famine, cleaning rivers, planting threes, etc. Volunteers also make strong relationships with the people who work with. Currently, I´m part of one association called The North American Youth Engagement Institute, which looks forward to find youth people interested in doing social services thought different projects applied in Mexico.

    In my point of view, children, young adults and adults should take part in social services. So why don’t you join a volunteer program to change this world, that is what motivated me!

  4. Rafael Migueles Jiménez

    One of the best experiences in my life was volunteering in Kenya. It was five years ago and I decided to participate in because since I was a child help people in vulnerable conditions was one of my passion and I had never been in Africa. This opportunity was given to me could not be rejected, I only needed to buy the flight tickets; hotel, food and different travels we used to do were completely free.
    Volunteering in Kenya was the first one in my life and was amazing. My main goal there was help in the construction of a school and help children between 9-15 years old with their english. I learned the most essential thing in life: material things are not important, the most important in life is be happy, love what you have and treat everyone the way you would like to be treated. I think I learned more than I teached. They teached me what the real happiness is, why you just need simple things to be happy and to have a big house, an expensive car or the very last telephone never give you the true happiness.
    I always remember this experience with a big smile and I have friends from Kenya since then. I could not repeat the volunteering but when I have the opportunity I won’t think twice.

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