B2 Writing 02 | Part 2 Article

Sports Today, an English-language magazine, wants to publish a series of articles by local residents.

ARTICLES WANTED: Where is the best place to exercise?

Is it better to exercise indoors, for example by joining your local gym, or to work out outside? To explain your opinion, you should discuss factors such as cost, convenience, the weather, and other points. You may give specific examples from your personal experience.

The best submissions will be published in our next edition. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts!


Write your article in the comments ? (or send to me privately by message if you prefer).
Write your answer in 140-190 words in an appropriate style.


  1. Diana Diaz

    Are you one of those people who enjoy doing excercise indoors or working out outside? defenetely, doing exercise is one of the the best ways to have a better life, with happiness and health, as it is a way to get rid of stress and depresion. Nevertheless, apart from having the willing to do it, what other factors should we take into consideration?

    As a gym couch for almost ten years, I can say that working in a gym is an outstanding experience in which people can have fun and meet new people as well. However, it is really important which one is chosen, I´m sure that a filthy place with end with and awful experience.
    On one hand, the costs that are charge from some gyms or sport clubs could be extremely high, so afford them could be impossible. But this doesn’t mean that it will be the end from starting a healthy life considering that outside working is still available.

    Thanks to the gouverment, nowadays there are a lot of public places in which people, can do exercise, these are stunningly beautiful since they are sorrounding by nature, threes and animals. I remebered going with my grandfather to the closest park in my neighbourhood, defenetely it was the best partof my chilhood.

    If I were you I would not miss the opportunity to change my life style. Personally, I find doing exercises a way to be happier with ourselves and with other people. So, wathever you can do, remember that “No pain no gaing”

    1. Jonny Post author

      Good organisation. Language could be more informal and friendly/interesting for an article.
      Some awkward phrasing:
      defenetely it was the best
      I´m sure that a filthy place with end with and….

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